December HR Bulletin

H I G H L I G H T S 7 Timekeeping Information for the Holiday Break in December Texas State will observe the holiday break with most offices closed December 19, 2018 – January 1, 2019. Texas State will re-open January 2, 2019. December 19 – 21 are designated as energy conservation (EC) days. Since comp time may not be granted in advance, you will need to acquire the necessary state comp time or FLSA overtime for the EC days prior to those days. Supervisors must provide ample opportunity for employees observing the EC days to earn the comp time in advance. If comp time is not available, you must use available vacation or take leave without pay (LWOP). Some offices have been designated as “essential offices” to remain open with skeleton crews for the three EC days. Other offices may be requested by their vice president to remain open as well. To view a list of departments designated as essential offices, see the holiday schedule on the HR website. What if I just started and I haven’t earned comp time or vacation? Employees are required to be on a paid status at least part of the regular workday immediately before a holiday in order to receive holiday pay. Therefore, if you do not have comp time or vacation available for the EC days in December, you will not receive pay for the holidays in December unless you work part of the day on December 21. State law will not allow us to pay for holidays when a person is on a LWOP status the entire day before a holiday. How do I log the holiday time in SAP? Remember, you only report exceptions to your normal work schedule. All holidays are already programmed into your work schedule, so you do not record the holiday itself. The system also knows if you are eligible for the holiday based on whether you are in a paid status on the day before the holiday. If you work on a holiday, be sure to enter Code 0100 – Additional Hours Worked for all hours worked. Regular staff who report to work on an official holiday will be allowed comp time off during the twelve-month period following the holiday. Questions about timekeeping should first be addressed to your supervisor or departmental time administrator. If you need further assistance, contact or call 5.2557.