W H AT ’ S I N V I E W 3 UPPS 04.04.35: Professional Development and Educational Opportunities outlines how employees can receive reimbursement of certain fees after successful completion of course(s) by submitting the Academic Fee Reimbursement Form. The deadlines for the acceptance of the academic reimbursement form are: 12 th class day for fall and spring semesters, and 4 th class day of the first summer session for both summer sessions. For more details visit the Academic Course Reimbursement and Release Time Process website . Employees enrolled in courses for Spring 2019 must complete the online academic reimbursement form by February 6 . Late online submission will only be accepted when approval is routed through the employee’s Cabinet member. Contact Professional Development in Human Resources with questions at professionaldev@txstate.edu or call 5.5287. TUITION REIMBURSEMENT DEADLINE SPR I NG 2019 | FEBRUARY 6 Registration: Jan. 14 , 9 a.m. & 1 p.m. Registration: Jan. 15 & 17, 9 a.m. Registration: Jan. 16 , 1 p.m. Location: San Marcos Public Library GED INCENTIVE PROGRAM BOOST YOUR SKILLS AND EDUCATION WHILE GETTING: release time from work for first two sessions | reimbursement for the cost of test fee upon successful completion | $500 to help cover costs upon successful completion Learn more about the requirements at UPPS 04.04.35. | Contact: professionaldev@txstate.edu | 5.7899 Full-time regular employees are eligible.