2019 September Bulletin

7 H I G H L I G H T S For additional information, please contact the Benefits staff at 5.2557 or hr@txstate.edu . All changes made during summer enrollment are effective September 1 and premium changes will be reflected on your October 1 paycheck . If you added a new plan or increased TexFlex dollars, you can begin using them as of September 1. Please review your benefits statement in your ERS Online account at www.ers.texas.gov to ensure the changes you made during summer enrollment are in place. If you see any errors, contact the Benefits staff in Human Resources as soon as possible. If you wait too long to contact us, we may not be able to correct the error. If you added a new dependent to your plan, be on the lookout for the Dependent Eligibility Audit notification and be sure to provide the necessary documents to Alight Solutions to ensure your dependents remain covered. Failure to provide all of the required documents will result in your dependent being dropped from coverage! Effective September 1 st INSURANCE CHANGES