Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit

As a manager or search committee chair, hiring a new employee is one of the most important decisions you will make. Hiring managers and search committees have a very important responsibility when screening, evaluating, interviewing and hiring a new employee. The people you select will have a direct impact on the quality of our diverse workforce. This toolkit will provide information and tips on creating a more inclusive search process and guide you through the decisions, actions, and processes that go into developing a top-tier, diverse team. The toolkit will briefly cover the recruitment and hiring process and provide links to various resources. The university consists of a wide range of staff employees who help make up the diverse community within the university divisions. Their goal is to assist and support the faculty and students to become competitive and successful in reaching the university goals. The Office of Human Resources, through its Talent Aquisition section, and the Department of Equity and Inclusion, strive to ensure Texas State University recruits and retains, the best qualified diverse staff. This can only be achieved by creating multiple resources and guidelines to help make the selection successful. CONTENTS Overview 3 Recruiting for Diversity in 3 Steps 4 Screening & Hiring for Diversity 8 Key Takeaways 13 Determine the Details of the Position Create the Posting Requisition in PeopleAdmin Proactively Recruit for Diversity Select a Diverse & Inclusive Search Committee Interviewing for Diversity Post-Interview & Onboarding Process OVERVIEW 2 3