FY 2020 Staff Handbook

Back to Top 62 | Page COMMUNICATION – ELECTRONIC MAIL AS OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATION UPPS No. 04.01.07 Texas State considers email to be a significant information resource and an appropriate mechanism for official university communication. The University provides official university email addresses and services to its students, faculty, staff, retirees, and organizational units for this purpose and to enhance the efficiency of educational and administrative processes. This information should be secured per the provisions in UPPS 04.01.01, Security of Texas State Information Resources . ACCURACY OF RECORDS In the course of performing your job, you will mostly likely create and/or maintain official university records. University records are important assets and must be managed to ensure protection and accessibility. Employees are responsible for protecting university records and assuring the authenticity, utility, integrity, confidentiality, and availability of university records, from creation to disposition. The University’s records management policy (se e UPPS 01.04.32 ) defines employee responsibilities for retaining and disposing records. Visi t Records Management f or links to the University’s certified Records Retention Schedule, the required Records Disposition Log, and dates for records management training. Questions about retention and disposition of records should be addressed to the University Archivist & Records Manager. 1. Record accurate information on records you create. 2. Keep these records safe and secure, including records that reside in computer databases. Guard that they are not destroyed, mutilated, removed without permission, inappropriately disclosed, or improperly altered. 3. Before disposing of records, check th e Records Management page for links to the required Records Disposition Log, the University’s Records Retention Schedule, and disposition instructions. 4. Questions should be addressed to the University Archivist & Records Manager in the University Library.