FY 2020 Staff Handbook

Back to Top 64 | Page THE BOBCAT STORE The Bobcat Store offers 10% off imprinted clothing and gifts to staff members for their personal use, and a 20% off discount for department purchases. To qualify for the employee discount, you must present your Texas State ID card in person. The discount does not apply to computer hardware, software, beverages, snacks, health and beauty aids, graduation regalia or other specially priced merchandise or sale items. INFORMATION SECURITY UPPS No. 04.01.01 You may not use any component of the Texas State computer network to violate the security of any other user system or network. If you attempt or succeed in such actions, you can lose your network access privileges. You may be disciplined, suspended or discharged. You may also be subject to prosecution. If you are issued an account (NetID, or any other access ID) for access to the university network or services, you are responsible for any actions that take place in your account. Do not give others access to your account. If you suspect any violation of network security, report it as soon as possible to the Information Security Office. APPROPRIATE USE OF INFORMATION RESOURCES UPPS No. 04.01.07 a n d 01.04.27 In accepting any Texas State computer account (NetID, or any other access ID), you agree to abide by applicable Texas State policies and legal statutes, including all federal, state, and local laws. These include all policies that address the usage of your Texas State computer account and Texas State information resources. These also include policies and statutes that prohibit misconduct, plagiarism, or unethical conduct, or that pertain to theft, copyright infringement, software license violations, attacks on networks and computer systems, and other computer-related crimes. Texas State reserves the right at any time to limit, restrict, or revoke your access to its information resources and to take disciplinary and/or legal action against anyone who violates these policies or statutes.