FY 2020 Staff Handbook

Back to Top 73 | Page Requirements and Procedures for Selection: Undergraduate participants are expected to enroll for a minimum of nine credit hours with a maximum of 12 credit hours per fall or spring semester. Graduate student participants are expected to enroll for a minimum of six credit hours with a maximum of nine credit hours per fall or spring semester. Learn more program requirements and procedures for selection are detailed i n UPPS 04.04.35 . KEYS TO UNIVERSITY BUILDING UPPS No. 08.02.01 Texas State furnishes keys to offices, storage areas, classrooms, building entrances, and so on. If you need a key, request it from your supervisor. Do not let any key issued to you fall into unauthorized hands. You may not make a copy of any Texas State key. Only Ingress Management Services is allowed to make copies of keys. Ingress Management Services will not provide a replacement key unless an account manager authorizes it. Electronic entry access is managed by Ingress Management Services and all authorized personnel will be provided access with an account manager authorization. UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES The University Libraries provide key services and resources that fuel the success of research and innovation at Texas State University. University Libraries comprise three facilities and two prestigious collections that are continually evolving to meet the needs of the growing university and an ever-changing, technology-driven world. The libraries are available for use by all university staff for professional and personal use. The Albert B. Alkek Library on the San Marcos campus is the architectural centerpiece and intellectual hub of the campus. The library offers patrons the opportunity to explore, create and discover in an expansive, seven-story building that is packed with resources, technology and spaces for silent, quiet or collaborative research and study. Library staff provide expert research assistance in-person, via online chat, by telephone or through email. In addition to research assistance and study space, the library offers computer work stations, photocopiers, scanners, 3D printers, information technology and extensive hours of