FY 2020 Staff Handbook

Back to Top 76 | Page PAYCHECK DISTRIBUTION FSS/PPS 03.25 Staff Employees are paid on the first working day of the month, following the month worked. If you would like your check automatically deposited into a checking or savings account, you may sign-up for Direct Deposit on the University’s SAP Portal/Employee Self Service at: ibis.sap.txstate.edu/irj/portal o r complete a paper Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return to the Payroll and Tax Compliance office for entry. The Direct Deposit form is available on their website at : www.txstate.edu/payroll/resourcesforms/directdeposit For those employees who choose to continue receiving a paper check, they may be picked up on payday at the Student Business Services Cashier's windows on the first floor of the J.C. Kellam Building. You must present your Texas State ID card or government issued identification card to receive your paycheck. Electronic Earnings Statements may be viewed or printed at the SAP Portal Employee Self Service at : ibis.sap.txstate.edu/irj/portal PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT UPPS No. 04.04.20 Overview: The Texas Stat e performance management process m easures how well you achieve the goals and objectives, job duties, behaviors, competencies and any professional development target set for you by your supervisor. You are appraised during the April-May time frame each year. At the start of each June 1-May 31 appraisal cycle your supervisor will discuss your performance management goals for the coming year with you during a 1:1 meeting. Schedule: During October-November, your supervisor will meet with you to conduct an informal mid-cycle check-in to see how you are doing re: your stated goals and objectives, job duties, behaviors, competencies